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Active Search: This service allows you to find people with our expert help. We can find people in the UK even with just a small amount of information. You may be able to provide us with a large amount of detailed information from which to search people, or you may only have a surname and rough location. Either way, our team of professional people finders have the tools and the skills to find the people or person that you are looking for.

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Message Match:You can use our People Finder message boards to search people who are important in your life. Itís completely free to search people using this service and there is a possibility that you may find lost friends and family just by inputting a few details. Our system can then find people that you are looking for and return potential matches. Thousands of people have found people using this service so why not try it for yourself.

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People Search

Find people who are important in your life with our people search facility, developed with the sole purpose of helping you to find people in the UK. Our people finder tool may discover the person that you are looking for but on occasions where our people finder doesnít return the correct match, our team of professional researchers can help you to find people .

If you are visiting the people finder website from overseas to search for people in the UK, the People Finder team of experts can assist you with your people search. Whatever the reason, weíre always happy to help.

Bringing People Together

In circumstances where you require the professional assistance of the UK People Finder team, we will write to the person on your behalf to ensure that the person is happy to be contacted by you first.

Message Match

When you make an enquiry for us to search people, we will be completely honest with you if we donít think that we have enough information to find a person. We recommend trying our people finder search facility in the first instance, however, on occasions where it is not sufficient, the people finder team will always do their utmost to find people that you are searching for.

To use the people finder search facility, simply post your message and as soon as somebody recognises the details they can hit reply to initiate a conversation. You could be one of the thousands of people who have been reunited using the people finder search facility. Please note that we do not moderate content but simply contact us should you require content to be removed.

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