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UK People Finder specialise in finding people. We can find birth parents, missing relatives, missing fathers and lost siblings as well as friends. UK People finder can not only trace or locate missing relatives but also their descendants through our genealogy research expertise. We also specialise in locating missing heirs in financial or legel cases. Our researchers can locate family inheritances by searching probate register , birth and death and marriage records.

UK People Finder have contacts in all five continents. Communications are so quick and reliable that time or distance are no longer a boundary. Difficult cases are researched by experienced and thoughtful people who have a high success rate.

The essence of UK People Finderís success is in teamwork. Each member of the team specialises in a particular field, then all co-operate in drawing the threads together to achieve the results. We pride ourselves in being very good at finding missing people in the UK and abroad - many people who contact us looking for someone find themselves pleasantly surprised at the efficiency and affordability of our people search service.

How We Started

We started UK People finder by looking for our founders brothers missing American father who had been stationed in Norfolk during the late fifties. The only information was a name and my mothers brief memories!

It appeared that our chances were less than finding a needle in a haystack. Using only the name, which incidentally turned out to be incorrect in January 1999, we were successful and by the July of that year his brother had visited the states twice to see his (now located) missing father. Needless to say his father was also pleased to find his missing son visiting him. He now has a birth certificate with his fathers name on it.

The whole process took the best part of two years and as a result, he now has a father he had thought lost for good. During the two years of searching we spoke on the telephone to many useful contacts, but we acquired most of our information from the Internet.

We found an unbelievable number of people looking for lost friends and lost relatives and natural family members. Along the way we have helped many others in much the same way we found help from others. The many of hours surfing and message writing, were finally worth it. However as to be expected all cases are unique and no one search routine can be expected to mirror another.

The main difficulties we realised were that most people are searching for someone who either does not know they are being searched for, does not want to be found or is not looking for the person who is searching for them.

After succeeding ourselves it appeared that we had left a new family of friends to carry on their people searches alone. In many ways it was then sad to say goodbye (albeit via email) to many people we had never met.

We would have paid a lot of money in order to shorten our search and also feel the comfort of knowing that we were receiving experienced help during the early stages. We were lucky that between us we had a huge wealth of Internet knowledge to call on for assistance, which turned out to be invaluable. The hardest work is discovering the sites and facilities on the internet, as you may realise not everything appears in the result of a search and boy when it does 356,000 results in no particular order is not much use either.

As a result of our own attempts to find a needle in haystack we decided to set up UKPeopleFinder with the main aim to share to the wealth of knowledge we had at our disposal. Our first paid search resulted in the person being found within two hours; unfortunately the man question had died some two years previously however the man searching had been looking for some twenty years. He had used the usual routes of many searchers. Since then we have found many other lost or missing persons on behalf of clients in Europe the USA the United Kingdom of course and Australia. In many cases as with our own search time is of the essence in our founders case his father died almost one year to the day after we had found him. Now we look back at what we achieved and are so pleased that we did find him as quickly as we did. This scenario has been replicated many times and we therefore pride ourselves here at UKPF in our techniques and ability to search quickly and effectively.

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